A beta version of pcAnywhere was available at https://www-secure.symantec.com/public_beta/index.html free, however this has now finished. A free download of simliar products are available here

Friday, September 02, 2005

GoToMeeting review | GoToMeetin Trial | GoToMeeting network| GoToMyPc Wionnder of: PC World’s World Class, PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice, Codie,

Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTXS), today announced it has recently received four prestigious awards for product excellence for its Citrix® GoToMyPC® remote desktop access service. The awards, including PC World 2005 World Class Award, PC Magazine Editors’ Choice, the SIIA Codie Award for Best Mobile Product or Service, and MobilePC magazine’s Mobile Choice Award, bring total awards for excellence to 11 over a 12-month period, further reinforcing the brand’s dominance and market leadership.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

GoToMeeting review | GoToMeetin Trial | GoToMeeting network| GoToMyPc pcAnywhere Trial

You can get a pcAnywhere 10.5 30-Day License here.
I'm currently unaware of any pcanywhere 11.0 or 11.5 trials.

You can get the GoToMyPc free trial here

Monday, May 30, 2005

GoToMeeting review | GoToMeetin Trial | GoToMeeting network| GoToMyPc Remote Pc Access

Access your PC from Anywhere!

You're invited to try a new remote-access telework solution that CNET says could “change your life.”
Gain the freedom to work from anywhere using GoToMyPC. It’s the fast,
easy and secure way to access and control your PC via any Web browser —
anytime, anywhere. GoToMyPC is perfect for teleworkers, travelers and
after-hours access.
Installs in 2 minutes – Get Your Free Download Now!

Unlike PcAnywhereTM, GotoMyPc is easy to set up, supports Mobile Device Access, On-the-fly Access from any browser and Free Upgrades.

With a Free Trial, you can't lose!

GoToMeeting review | GoToMeetin Trial | GoToMeeting network| GoToMyPc pcAnywhere Review

pcAnywhere- Review

Quotes from PCMag review:

Symantec's pcAnywhere 11.0 is best thought of as an industrial-strength
remote-access tool. The product supports a rich array of authentication
and security options, including the ability to create a serialized
installation that requires both the host and remote machines to have
the same security code.

pcAnywhere's sophistication comes with some complexity,
however. We had to alter our firewall settings to pass through
pcAnywhere packets to our assigned host and use DynIP's useful service
to track our host's dynamic IP address so that we could connect. (Six
months of DynIP service comes bundled with pcAnywhere.) If you can deal
with such complexity, pcAnywhere is a solid choice.

pcAnywhere is an excellent product for system administrators, with impressive features and speed. For less tech savvy people, GoToMyPc is probably a better choice.

GoToMeeting review | GoToMeetin Trial | GoToMeeting network| GoToMyPc MS Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop

Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a multi-channel protocol that allows a user
to connect to a computer running Microsoft Terminal Services. Clients
exist for most versions of Windows, and other operating systems such as
Linux. The server listens by default on TCP port 3389.

In slightly more human
language, RDP is a program that comes with Windows XP that allows you
to remotely control other computers as if you were sitting at them.
Onsite we have an install guide, download section and review.

GoToMeeting review | GoToMeetin Trial | GoToMeeting network| GoToMyPc GoToMyPc -PcAnywhere's better alternative



GoToMyPc is the long running contender of pcAnywhere. It offers the easiest install (see the Install Guide for details) procedure, as well as a fast and reliable service. You can read the full review here, and get the free download here.


Pricing Plans

GoToMyPc currently have three different sets of pricing plans:

Personal (for one person), Professional (for many computers) and
Corporate (providing customised access for large corporations).

GoToMeeting review | GoToMeetin Trial | GoToMeeting network| GoToMyPc Remote Access Software

About: The remote software market is an interesting one. There are the old solutions such as VPN (Virtual Private Networks), as well as the slightly newer alternatives such as PcAnywhere and GoToMyPc. Even newer is the current explosion in remote access software such as LogMeIn and Jybe.

On this site we hope to inform you of your choices when it comes to choosing a remote access solution, as well as providing up to date tutorials and guides.

From the Remote Access site.

GoToMeeting review | GoToMeetin Trial | GoToMeeting network| GoToMyPc GoToMyPc

GoToMyPc is an excellent option is a cheaper and easier to use remote access software solution. You can get a free gotomypc download here.


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  • GoToMeeting review | GoToMeetin Trial | GoToMeeting network| GoToMyPc pcAnywhere Download

    pcAnywhere Download

    Symnatec have stopped the free beta download of PC Anywhere 11.5, as it is now in released form. The update from 11.0 to 11.01 is still available free however, from Symnatec.com